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The very popular cult Lebanese restro bar Zizo opened its doors in 2014 for its patrons and now in 2018 with the addition of more cuisines from across the world. Apart from its award-winning Lebanese cuisine, it has now added more to its menu including dishes from across the Middle Eastern countries including Syria, Iran and Turkey, among others. If that was not all Zizo has also included new age food including sliders, pizzas and pastas and also some delicacies from Indian cuisine.

Apart from its outlet in Cyberhub at Gurugram, outlets of Zizo are located in Mall of India, Noida and at Golf Course Road again in Gurugram where food enthusiasts of Delhi NCR can taste the best from Arabic cuisine, Mediterranean, New Age and even some from the Indian cuisine. Zizo has always promoted organic and grade ‘A’ ingredients and pure virgin natural oils.

Mr Shahin Alam, Partner of Zizo embraced the new casual dining concept which is a rage across the world, where healthy ingredients, artful preparation and a great service is its hallmark. It promises to give a superior dining experience to its patrons, exiting their taste buds and offers nothing but excellence when it comes to quality.” Apart from Arabic cuisine which is the main draw, Zizo brings a completely new experience with its new age food like sliders, pastas, grills and pizzas and here too it uses the best organic herbs, simple spices and fresh ingredients like Mint, parsley, oregano, garlic, allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Zizo is also expanding its wings with Little Zizo, which is a QSR concept at different locations in Delhi NCR. It has a target to open 10 QSR’s apart from the running restaurants.